Am I an influencer?

So in the process of figuring out my new identity and path for Lindsay Makes Lemonade, the term "influencer" came up. Now, if you read my "About" section of my site, you'll see that Lindsay Makes Lemonade has been on quite a journey before landing here. Long story short, attending WELL Summit in Boston last month made me realize there is so much I want to do with my own personal brand, aside from the nutrition consulting within Brass Roots.

There were panels at WELL Summit that included women who were influencers, and I couldn't help but edge closer in my seat to hear them speak. It sounds like a dream to partner with brands I love, promote content that is meaningful to me, and to live my life creating pathways that fulfill me daily. I want to follow in their shoes and be on the WELL Summit stage one day, sharing my own story about how I got to where I am.

So in the process of "rebranding," if you will, I was struggling on what exactly to call myself. Yes, I blog, therefore I am a blogger. Yes, my husband and I run a plant based nutrition consulting company called Brass Roots Nutrition (UPDATE: no longer run this business), therefore I am a entrepreneur. But what I want to do with Lindsay Makes Lemonade... I had no idea what to call it.

I started to look at the content for the speakers from the Summit. I wanted to see what they were calling themselves, so perhaps I could manifest it for my own life. I kept coming across the word/title "Influencer." So naturally, I Googled it. (Duh)

In-flu-ence, noun: A person or thing with the capacity to have an effect on someone or something.

I understand that comparison can be the thief of joy, and to compare myself to these women who have built their own personal brands on such a large scale is overwhelming, but I knew that I wanted to that. My story and journey will be different, but the general essence of what they were doing? Yeah, I want that. I want that bad. So I wrote it into my website as one of my titles. It didn't feel quite right when I originally did it, because I constantly doubt myself, but I did it anyways.

It's been a few weeks now, and I've been constantly day dreaming about where I want to take my brand. The more I've thought about it... the more I realize that I AM an influencer. Right now. All of the private messages I get asking me about the all natural, cruelty free products that I buy, love, and showcase on my page. All of the private messages I get asking me how to start incorporating more plant based meals into their weeks, or letting me know about a plant based product they found and knew I would love, or asking how on earth did I give up cheese and what can it be replaced with. All of the messages asking me to help them change their diet, like I did, to manage their MS symptoms and begin to heal and get stronger.

All of the private messages. And comments. And stories of friends and family telling me about how they told my story to people they know.

I realized that what I put on my account and put out into this crazy big world we call the internet, matters to some people. Not only that, but they have followed me and trust my judgement. They believe me when I get really personal and they laugh with me when I point out my flaws. I'm always trying to display my content in a way that sounds like I'm having a conversation with you. I never want people to doubt my authenticity.

Mantra Magazine (AMAZING magazine, btw) put a quote in their stories today that really resonated with me:

"Remember, you are the only one that gets to define you."

So guess what? I'm defining myself as an influencer. My social media following may be considered low by influencer industry standards, but as long as I am making a true connection with the followers I have, then I am succeeding in my goal.

And to be honest, I am only getting started.