So I bought a tarot deck

So I ventured into a local crystal shop called Lavish Earth the other day. (If you are in the Portland, ME area - GO! This shop is adorable.) It is within walking distance from my office, and I have wanted to visit it for months but just never did for some reason or another.

Have you ever walked into a room before and immediately felt welcome? That's what happened for me when I walked in. There were a few people in there, and I started to look around. I picked out a few stones (Mookite, Yellow Tiger's Eye, and Serpentine) and the kind (and super knowledgeable) owner offered me some tea while I perused. How sweet is that? Her energy was so kind, I liked her right away.

My eyes were immediately drawn to a tarot deck by Mesquite Tarot. The cards were SO visually appealing to me - simple, minimalist, thoughtful illustrations that didn't intimidate me. I am, after all, very new to this practice. The deck came in an adorable canvas bag and was accompanied with a very important book, which I made sure would guide me to what I'm doing. (Again, newbie over here!)


I have been wanting to buy a tarot deck for some time now. I am beginning to broaden my horizons when it comes to energy, taking a deeper look at certain feelings, and opening my eyes to different ways of coping with certain areas of life (past, present, and future). We all are just trying to ultimately slow down, chill out, and be happy.

I brought the set home and excitedly pulled out my cards and began reading the book. Some of the first words in the book say, 

"may you:

read slowly, take your time.

let the words land softly, notice the feelings that come up."

As someone who loves to get to an end result quickly, I actually let these words sink in. This is a practice to connect with a deeper part of yourself, and it was then that I realized it cannot be rushed through, or to.

I expected to read on about how these tarot cards will predict my future and any challenges that may arise and give some vague advice on how to treat the overall situation.

Oh my goodness - WRONG.

The very FIRST page explains what tarot means beautifully:

"Tarot can act as the scaffolding upon which you might project, examine, and understand the raw material of your world. A space to know what's within and what's outside of you, and ultimately, that there's very little difference between the two."

It was like a light bulb went off and my head exploded all at once. Tarot doesn't predict your future... it merely helps you examine a situation from a completely new and different view so that YOU can change your future. How cool is that?

The book goes on to give very thoughtful and sound advice on how to interpret these cards in a way that doesn't tell you how to interpret them at all. If that makes sense. It gives you a few questions as starting points, but they come from so many different angles that it is wonderfully impossible to look at the same situation in a one track way. Besides, we'll never grow and evolve as people if we only see things from one angle.

The book then went on to explain some "simple spreads" so you know how many cards to pull for whatever frame of question you may have on your mind, and then it tells you how to interpret each of the cards that you pull, based on it's location in the spread. It's very cool stuff.

So I did my first pull... Blown. Away.

I chose to do a "matter at hand" spread, where my first card will give me a deeper understanding of the matter at hand, and the second card will give me challenges or obstacles that might arise in relation to this situation. Naturally, I had questions concerning my new businesses. I have angst that I'll fail. I have issues believing in myself. I look at other successes and I daydream about getting there one day but don't know where to start. I have a million ideas, and I feel like I don't have enough time.

The first card I pulled was "five of wands." My second card was "student of pentacles." The way the book describes these cards is nothing like black and white - it is entirely grey - and that is done completely on purpose. These cards are meant to make me think and the book is there to try to guide me without leading the way.


(Card layout for "matter at hand" spread)

When I gave both of these cards a seriously deep dive into thought, making sure to keep the definition of the placement of the cards as well as the guidance to what they are in mind, it blew my mind. I thought of my fears in an entirely new light. I'd go into what these cards mean to me, but I feel like that is my own interpretation, sacred to me. I also feel like it is impossible to convey the intense meaning I felt via this blog. The only thing I can say is, I want everyone to experience this.

Having this new tool to broaden my views and understanding is incredible. For everyone who has experience with tarot cards: I now get it. I see why it is such a loved and sacred practice. 

If you have ever had any interest in tarot cards, go buy yourself a deck that calls your name right now. I am going to make it a point to make time to do my own card pulls each week, if not more often than that, because as someone who is constantly trying to be a better person, I understand now what a powerful tool tarot can be in terms of really expanding my perspectives. No matter what the situation is, these cards can help you open your eyes. Trivial or deep.

I also can't recommend trying to find a local shop enough. The owner was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and gave me a complete sense of calm with my purchases. It is so nice and lovely to have a place to go for advice and expertise. Buying online is wonderful (big, big fan of Amazon) but you can't beat the connection in a situation like this. Shop small. Expand your world!