My signature HEAL program is for those who suffer from various symptoms and don’t know where to start to holistically mitigate them. These can be small symptoms or big symptoms. This program is also for my fellow autoimmune disease and chronic illness warriors who would like to supplement their treatment plan with nutrition. I treat my Multiple Sclerosis with a particular diet, and have felt immense benefits from doing so. (Read more in My Story.)

I would love to work with you to help you feel better through the power of food. I can equip you with the knowledge you need to create an eating style that supplements your healing. Our discussion will focus mainly on how a plant based diet can help ease the symptoms of many of your health issues, and how we can transition you to more plant based eating. (DISCLAIMER: I will only promote plant based foods to help heal, but I will in no way judge you for not being fully plant based. I want to help create a nutritional lifestyle that makes sense for you.)

I offer a FREE 30-minute HEAL Connection Call to not only help ensure that this program may be right for you, but also to ensure that I am the right person to help guide you. Click “Free HEAL Connection Call” below to be brought to my calendar to schedule a time that works for you.


What You Can Expect:

  • Phone call via Zoom including thoughtful discussion regarding topics such as:

    • Your health

    • Your current diet

    • Your areas of concern

    • Any dietary likes/dislikes/sensitivities

What You Will Get:

  • Full write-up via e-mail after our phone call, including:

    • Written recap of our discussion

    • Advice/recommendations based on discussion

    • A personally curated Plant Based Eating Guide (PDF)

    • Personally curated health guides for your particular health issues (PDF by Topic)

    • Recipes to get you started, if appropriate

    • Meal plans, if appropriate

  • All access text/email support for 30 days post-call


It was evident from the start that Lindsay genuinely wants to help heal others.

“It was evident from the start that Lindsay genuinely wants to help heal others, the conversation was easy, and her knowledge is evident. Along with our phone meeting she sent me everything we talked about in an organized and informative packet, and left me with the comfort of knowing that if I have any questions or need any further help, just to reach out. I cannot wait to have the possibility of feeling completely like myself again and possibly medication free one day!”

— Nicole N.

Your meal plan has changed my life.

“Lest I forget, your meal plan has changed my life positively. I’m happier psychologically and physically. Never knew food affects the psyche to the extent that it did. At least for me.”

— Kenny O.

I know that I am on the path to healing! I am so relieved, I could cry.

“Our chats made me feel so comfortable and assured that the information she was teaching me was really going to make a difference in my life. I have started to implement the new changes that Lindsay recommended, and I can feel clarity, and know that I am on the path to healing! I am so relieved, I could cry. Lindsay’s passion for helping people, her knowledge and her drive make her a perfect match for anyone looking to feel better holistically.”

— Nikkie M.