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The Community Well

“A gathering place to holistically hydrate your mind, body, & soul.”

The Community Well was created out of a need to bring wellness to the South Shore community. Wellness that dives a little bit deeper than most wellness events. Wellness that welcomes and can encompass everyone.

We invite you to an afternoon of meaningful topics, deep discussion, and a sense of community. So many of us are dealing with health issues, both visible and invisible, or know someone who is, and it's important to stay educated on the things that can affect you/them. Through the voices of experts in their respective fields, our speakers hope you leave the event feeling a bit more empowered on your own journey.

The afternoon will consist of five speakers covering the following topics:

  • Healing chronic illness symptoms through nutrition

  • Clean beauty, environmental toxins, and self love

  • Meal prepping and the great role it plays in your health

  • Pregnancy and postpartum

  • Treating mental health from trauma and depression holistically

Alongside our speakers and discussions, you'll also have a chance to browse mix of eclectic local vendors and their products, while interacting with your community. We hope you'll join us!

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